017 - Even More Separating from Non-Separating Separatist Separators

In this episode, we answer listener feedback on episode 016- our most downloaded episode yet.

Show notes:

What in the world is Patreon? 

Macdonald quote: Taken from Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald (p. 97)

"Some Christians appear to be afraid to think.  They mistake the gathering of facts, doctrinal systems, and lists of rules for thinking.  They are uneasy when dealing with open-ended questions.  And they do not see the significance of wrestling with great ideas if they cannot always come up with easily packaged answers.  The consequences are a drift toward mediocrity in personal living and mental activity and a loss of much that God meant for His children to enjoy as they walk through creation discovering His handiwork.  Life under such circumstances becomes amusement, function without thought.”

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