007 - The Big, Fat Repentance Argument

Is repentance necessary for salvation, and what exactly is it? Listen to find out.

Show notes:

Taking Back Astronomy by Dr. Jason Lisle

Some sample Bible verses on Repentance: Mark 1:15, 1 Peter 3:9, Luke 13:3-5, 2 Cor 7:10, Acts 3:19, 17:30, Acts 26:20


A syllogism on Biblical repentance:

Premise 1: Man cannot be saved without repenting (changing his mind) and believing upon Jesus as the only Savior. 

Premise 2: Man cannot repent about Jesus being the only Savior while seeing their own works as savior. (Law of non-contradiction)

Premise 3: Man cannot repent of seeing his own works as savior (self-righteousness) without repenting (changing his mind) about sin also.

Defining "Aa"

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